Tipping Point for Transportation and Land Use

By Dom Nozzi

Can America be reconfigured to be more sustainable with regard to land use patterns and transportation?

Tragically, too many planners and engineers have become too cynical about what is possible regarding land use and transportation design after several decades of single-minded focus on making cars happy. What might be needed as a tipping point for reversing such lowered expectations is for a leader to emerge who has the skill to inspire people and create on-the-ground models that can get people energized. To have people believe that “Yes We Can.”

It is a matter of figuring out how to “turn on the lightbulb” in a person’s head. Sometimes it is seeing a video speech by a Duany or Kunstler. Sometimes it is visiting a new urbanist town with skinny streets and experiencing it for yourself.

In my view, tipping points are commonly triggered by the prices of things we experience in our world. Unfortunately, most of us have no control over prices, so pricing catalysts tend to be overlooked, despite their historical effectiveness.

Instead, too many of us are reduced to proposing ineffective tactics, and wringing our hands in cynicism and pessimism.



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