Dom Nozzi’s All-Time Favorite Planning and Transportation Books

By Dom Nozzi

I have read over 1,000 books in my life.

Here are my all-time favorites in the fields of transportation and planning, in alphabetical order of author name. The most important or influential books I have ever read in my profession.

The most important books are The High Cost of Free Parking, Cities and Automobile Dependence, The Death and Life of Great American Cities, and The Great Good Place.

Do yourself a favor and read some (or all) of these.

Arnold, Henry F. (1993). Trees in Urban Design, 2nd Edition.

Belmont, Steve (2002). Cities in Full

Daly, Herman (ed) (1973). Toward a Steady-State Economy

Downs, Anthony (1992). Stuck in Traffic

Duany, Andres, Elizabeth Plater-Zyberk, Jeff Speck (2000). Suburban Nation

Durning, Alan (1996). The Car and the City

Harris, Marvin (1968).         The Rise of Anthropological Theory

Harris, Marvin (1979). Cultural Materialism

Jacobs, Jane (1961). The Death and Life of Great American Cities

Kuhn, Thomas         (1962). The Structure of Scientific Revolutions

Kunstler, James Howard (1998). Home from Nowhere

Levine, Jonathan (2006). Zoned Out: Regulations, Markets in Transportation and Metropolitan Land Use

Lomborg, Bjorn (2001). The Skeptical Environmentalist

Meadows, Donnella & Denis (1972). The Limits to Growth

Miller, G. Tyler         (1979). Living in the Environment

Newman, Paul & Jeffrey Kenworthy (1989). Cities and Automobile Dependence

Norton, Peter (2008). Fighting Traffic

Oldenburg, Ray (1991). The Great Good Place

Ophuls, William (1977). Ecology & the Politics of Scarcity

Orlov, Dmitry (2008). Reinventing Collapse

Orwell, George (1949). 1984

Owen, David (2009). Green Metropolis

Putnam, Robert (2000). Bowling Alone

Sale, Kirkpatrick (1980). Human Scale

Shoup, Donald         (2005). The High Cost of Free Parking


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One response to “Dom Nozzi’s All-Time Favorite Planning and Transportation Books

  1. Kent

    Great list. I was inspired to re-read Home from Nowhere.

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