Asking Candidates for Elected Office About Proper Transportation Design

By Dom Nozzi, AICP

Recently, I submitted a set of questions for Boulder CO city council candidates to respond to. The questions are intended to give voters an idea about where the candidates stand on issues important to voters.

I have long believed that the forms of transportation we provide in our communities is the lynchpin for transportation choice, lifestyle choice, quality of life, economic health, and civic pride. I therefore felt that questions directed to candidates should focus on learning their views on whether they support or oppose quality transportation design.

The questions I submitted:

Do you support humanizing & calming Boulder transportation by putting overweight roads on a diet (ie, removing and narrowing travel lanes)?

Redesigning streets to obligate motorists to slow down & be more attentive (via “friction”-based traffic calming)?

The restoration of the inner loop one-way street in downtown to two-way travel? (a conversion which is happening throughout the nation)

Installation of more raised medians on Boulder streets? (to slow traffic and provide safer pedestrian refuge areas for street crossings)

Incentivizing the removal of town center off-street surface parking in our town center?

Discouraging single-occupant travel via such programs as cash-out parking and the efficient pricing of parking, and downsizing city fire trucks?

Others I neglected to submit:

Do you agree with me that turn lanes are generally inappropriate in walkable, low-speed town centers, and that any existing turn lanes should be removed?

Do you support compact development tactics that promote transportation choices, such as higher density residential development and mixed use?

Do you agree with me that in town centers, streets should be no larger than three lanes in width?

Do you agree with me that in town centers, parking for cars should be scarce and priced? That there be no requirements by developers that off-street car parking be provided as a condition for new development?

Do you agree that we should, when possible, unbundle the price of car parking from the price of housing?

Do you agree that compact, mixed-use development and unbundled parking is an effective tactic for providing affordable housing?


Visit my urban design website read more about what I have to say on those topics. You can also schedule me to give a speech in your community about transportation and congestion, land use development and sprawl, and improving quality of life.


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