The Perversity of American Subsidies

by Dom Nozzi

It is perverse that the US government so heavily subsidizes and provides for a form of travel (car travel) that is largely or fully responsible for…

About 45,000 deaths (not to mention the injuries) per year

The destruction and abandonment of so many US town centers and their quality of life 

The bankrupting of households and all levels of government

Suburban sprawl

The obesity epidemic and associated health problems

Enormous dependence on foreign oil produced mostly by nations that dislike the US

The gigantic and on-going loss of important wildlife habitat

The loss of peace and quiet

The huge loss of human interaction with their fellow citizens (we have become a nation of loners)

The loss of civic pride as a result of the homogenizing, strip commercial transformation of our communities

The diminishing returns that promotion of car travel now provides

The loss of small, locally-owned businesses

This is a recipe for societal dysfunction.

I believe so few of us are pointing out this elephant in the bedroom at least in part because we believe, mostly accurately, that our lives are impossible without cars, so we put ourselves in a gigantic state of denial with this Faustian Bargain.


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