Housing Affordability Crisis in Boulder

By Dom Nozzi

February 21, 2016

Having been in the market to buy a house in Boulder for over a year now, an article that was published in the 2/21/16 Boulder Daily Camera about the housing affordability crisis for middle-income households struck a chord with me.

Boulder needs to find ways to allow for the growth in the number of houses that consume relatively little land, since land is so expensive. I would love to find an affordable attached townhouse or rowhouse in Boulder. Or even a condo over a store (so that the store is paying for the land).

One thing I’ve learned/confirmed in my search is that way too many houses in Boulder have a very low walkscore. Such houses make the cost of housing very expensive in an indirect way, because the household tends to need more cars.

It will be interesting to see if there is a decline in opposition to compact/dense housing, a decline in opposition to mixed use, or both, in response to the severe and growing housing affordability crisis in Boulder.

I’m also wondering if Boulder is in a “housing bubble.”

A few factors keep some housing in Boulder fairly affordable: (1) proximity to very genMid.755216_2noisy and high-speed roads; (2) low walk scores; and (3) the many “modernist” houses in town (which tend to be ugly, unlovable places for many of us).

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