Departments of Transportation Consistently Worsen Our Communities


By Dom Nozzi

February 7, 2003

Here in Florida, and almost certainly in nearly every other state in America, the state Department of Transportation (DOT) is ALWAYS the enemy. On every single project they propose in a community, citizens find ourselves in a position to fight DOT tooth and nail.

EVERYTHING DOT proposes worsens the condition of our communities. Our quality of life street without on street parkingtakes what is usually a permanent and substantial nose dive. And sprawl is put on steroids.

What galls me to no end is that DOT is PUBLICLY funded. Large amounts of our own tax dollars are being used to ruin our communities.

I can think of no public OR private organization that is more thoroughly, effectively and consistently designing and building projects which destroy cities and towns.

No one.

We have met the enemy, and he is bankrolled by us…



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