Suggested Topics for a Community Planning Conference


By Dom  Nozzi

January 30, 2003

I was asked if I had any suggestions for a statewide town planning conference to be held in Florida. Here are my suggestions

  1. Model Smart (Land Development) Code for Florida Communities.
  2. Smart Transportation Planning that promotes transportation choice and discourages sprawl.
  3. Using 3D Visualization software to illustrate planning and development.
  4. Form-based vs use-based zoning: Using the Transect system.
  5. Parking as a growth management and transportation planning tool.
  6. Community benefits and methods for putting roads on a diet and putting a moratorium on capacity increases.
  7. Controlling Big Box Retail and Big Box Churches.
  8. Maximum parking and minimum density.
  9. Making mixed use work.
  10. Transforming conventional shopping centers into walkable neighborhood centers.
  11. Modest front setbacks and the location of parking lots.
  12. Designing for people instead of cars.
  13. Writing codes and plans using plain English.
  14. Building, fire, stormwater, and ADA codes: Are they an obstacle to infill and walkable design?
  15. Context-sensitive design: Is FDOT an enemy or ally to community livability?
  16. Using software to more fully computerize planning offices.
  17. Life safety vs Fire Safety: How fire departments often obligate the construction of dangerously wide streets and intersections.
  18. The “Building as Sign” Problem: How to control light pollution.
  19. Regulations that ensure street connectivity.
  20. Density targets for Florida communities: Where and how much?
  21. The design of transit-oriented-developments (TODs).
  22. Regulating parking garages.
  23. Sidewalk requirements.
  24. Questions to ask traffic engineers.
  25. The importance and design of modest turning radii, modest street design speeds (traffic calming), and modest signal and lighting heights.
  26. Creating and retaining neighborhood-based schools.
  27. Ensuring that public buildings are designed to inspire civic pride and are located downtown.
  28. Revising the state growth management laws to discourage sprawl and enhance urban design.
  29. Cul de Sacs.
  30. Urban Growth Boundaries.
  31. Building height limits.
  32. Is traffic congestion a friend or foe?
  33. Is parking an addictive narcotic?
  34. The suburbanization of cities: Will there be lifestyle choice, or must we all live a suburban life?
  35. Effectively promoting transportation choices.
  36. Is population growth the lynchpin problem?
  37. The NIMBY epidemic: What is to be done? Turning NIMBYs into YIMBYs.
  38. Civic pride: How to design a community worth caring about.
  39. Can we build our way out of congestion? Should we try?
  40. Road Concurrency: Are we our own worst enemies?

I can go on, but I think my point is made: There is no shortage of extremely important topics that can be addressed by the conference.



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