Our Street Ratings are Delivering Ruin


By Dom Nozzi

April 15, 2016

A friend of mine sent me two urban streets to illustrate the wrong-headed street quality ratings we have used for the past century (see below). This is a starkly clear example of why our transportation system is such a colossal failure. Why we have wasted trillions of public dollars to ruin our transportation system, our household finances, and the quality of life (and economics) in our cities.com

The first image is a street that for several centuries our conventional local, state and national traffic engineers have rated an “F” (failure). The image below it has been rated an “A” (passing with honors) by our conventional engineers.

This image set also shows why there is a screaming need for traffic engineers to be schooled in urban design (things that make cities wonderful and its inhabitants happy) and not just how to move as many cars as quickly as possible down a road/highway. Street design has a profound spill-over influence on what happens in the surrounding region.

For engineers (and elected officials) to not realize that is ruinous.



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