Types of speeches Dom Nozzi can give in your community

Road to Ruin: Traffic Congestion, Urban Sprawl, and Quality of Life. Returning to the timeless tradition of designing our communities and streets for people, not cars. (a speech about my first book, requiring approximately 45 min.)

The Car is the Enemy of the City: Why over-dependence on car travel is detrimental to the health of a city (approximately 45 min.)

The Downward Spiral of the Public Realm: How the quality of our streets and our sidewalks is declining, and what we can do about it (approximately 20 min.)

Government Opposition to Smart Growth: How local governments, not evil or greedy developers, are usually the biggest opponents of Smart Growth (approximately 40 min.)

Promoting More Bicycling & Improving Bicycle Safety: Effective tactics for increasing the number of bicyclists in your community, and improving bicycling safety (approximately 25 min.)

Correcting a Downtown Parking Problem: Downtowns commonly provide parking inefficiently, which creates inefficiencies and scarcities. Find out how to improve your downtown parking problems (approximately 40 min.)

One-Way Streets: A few benefits, but an overwhelming number of problems. (Requiring approximately 30 min.)

Big Box Retail: What can a community do about it? (a speech about Big Box regulatory strategies, requiring approximately 30 min.)

Form-Based Codes & Transect Regulations: Understand a newly-emerging, proactive, visionary, equitable, smart way to regulate new development in your community. Learn how to transform your community to become more walkable (approximately 40 min.)

Sprawl: How to define it, why it is a problem, strategies to minimize it, smart growth techniques (approximately 50 min.)

Walkable Neighborhoods: How We Lost Them & How We Can Get Them Back: A summary of the history of community development, how we lost our way, and how we can return to the walkable tradition (approximately 30 min.)

Healthy People, Healthy Streets, Healthy Communities: Fighting Obesity and Other Health Problems with Urban Design (approximately 40 min.)

Pedestrian Design Principles: An introductory kick-off for creating a pedestrian master plan (approximately 20 min.)

Bicycle Transportation Design Principles: An introductory kick-off for creating a bicycle master plan (approximately 20 min.)

Protecting Neighborhood Quality of Life (30 min.)

Attentive Rather than Forgiving Street Design: How to design streets for significant safety improvements by obligating attentiveness rather than “forgiving” inattentiveness, requiring approximately 30 min.)

Road “Diets”: Improving streets by narrowing them (20 min.)

Creating a Community Vision: Essential elements for creating a vision (20 min.)

The Benefits and Elements of Designing Complete Streets: What are Complete Streets? What Are Their Benefits? How to Create Complete Streets.

Who Invites Dom Nozzi to Give a Speech?

The following organizations commonly invite me to give a speech about sprawl, traffic congestion, non-car travel, and quality of life. If any of these groups are found in your area, I would suggest that you contact a representative to find out if they would be interested in sponsoring a speech by me:

1. League of Women Voters

2. A local chapter of the Sierra Club

3. Kiwanis, Rotary, Elks, Lions Club

4. College/University professors who teach planning, environmental conservation, urban design, geography, etc.

5. Local advocacy or advisory boards in the areas of sprawl, transportation, transit, bicycling, etc.

6. Neighborhood associations

7. Churches

8. Professional membership organizations (planners, architects, engineers, etc.)

Select which speech is best for you, and schedule me for a speech by sending email to dom@walkablestreets.com

Places Dom Nozzi has given a speech

Places where Dom has given a speech

Dom interviewed about town and transportation planning:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1-c5n74R2b0

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