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Ramps Needing Grinding/Smoothing in the Boulder CO Town Center

By Dom Nozzi

Many ramps from a street to a sidewalk or parking lot have a jarring, potentially dangerous squared lip that for bicycling safety – particularly for novice cyclists and inattentive cyclists — need to be grinded to a smooth ramp. image011

Here is an inventory of sidewalk and driveway ramps that seem to have this dangerous state of affairs in the Boulder, Colorado town center as of May 2013.

I tried to ignore such lips for ramps that would be rarely used by bicyclists (and sometimes wheelchairs). This list therefore includes only ramps that I believe would be relatively frequently used by bicyclists. I also tried to ignore sidewalk ramps with such lips if the street had a bike lane (since nearly all bicyclists on such streets would be avoiding the sidewalks anyway).


  • 19th Street at September School: Path to the west of school
  • 1940 Walnut Place: Both driveways
  • 2155 Walnut: Driveway on north side of street


  • 1850 Horizon West
  • Alley ramp on west side of Folsom just south of Chamber of Commerce
  • Ramp for Folsom Village on west side of Folsom at 1645 Folsom
  • Sidewalk ramps on west side of Folsom/Arapahoe intersection (both southwest & northwest corners)


  • Driveway ramp at Alfalfa’s just west of Broadway (1100-block)
  • Driveway ramp across street from Alfalfa’s ramp (New Britain Bldg at 1101 Arapahoe)

Goss/Grove neighborhood

  • Sidewalk/path ramps at Grove Street and 23rd Street
  • Sidewalk/path ramps at Grove Circle and 21st Street
  • Ramp needed at south side of pocket park near 18th Street and Grove Street


  • 620 Pearl Street driveway
  • Driveway ramp at 2201 Pearl Street


  • Driveway ramp on north side of Spruce for 2705 Spruce, and the other ramps from that location east to 28th Street


  • North side driveway ramp for Pine Street Church just east of Broadway
  • Pine Street parking lot ramp on south side at 1320 Pine Street

Portland Place

  • Driveway ramp on north side of Portland Place serving the Medical Pavilion just west of Broadway
  • All driveway ramps on both sides of Portland Place


  • Ideal Market: Driveway on north side of street. Eastern ramp, not western ramp.
  • All driveway ramps on both sides of Alpine between 9th Street and Broadway


  • Driveway ramp on south side of Balsam for Urgent Care just east of Broadway
  • Driveway ramp on south side of Balsam at 10th Street (ramp for Boulder Community Hospital ER)

9th Street

  • Alley ramp on west side of 9th Street just south of Alpine


11th Street

  • Alley ramps on both sides of 11th, just north of Canyon Blvd

13th Street

  • Parking garage just south of Alpine: Driveway.

28th Street

  • Sidewalk ramps on west side of 28th Street at Buffalo Village (1625-1661). Ramps for sidewalks at both driveways.
  • Sidewalk ramps (both sides) on west side of 28th at 1729 28th Street

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Suburbs Are More Dangerous Than City Centers

By Dom Nozzi

Contrary to conventional wisdom, recent studies have found that it is statistically safer to live in city centers than the suburbs.


Because a person is way more likely to be injured or killed in a suburban car crash than to be  injured or killed in a town center. Since people drive a lot more in the suburbs, their chances of injury or death are therefore a LOT higher in the ‘burbs.One person died in this three-car crash. (KATU News photo)

This is according to studies by William Lucy, professor of Urban and Environmental Studies at the University of Virginia. See this report, for example.

I’m actually thankful that I was raised in the sprawling suburbs in Penfield, because it led me to discover how sterile, boring, and dependent-on-others life can be for people who live out there. Unless you can drive a car and find a lot of entertainment in sitting alone inside a small metal box all day, much of life in the ‘burbs is screaming misery. The result is that I’ve grown up to write a book and work as a planner to do what I can to alert people to the horrible consequences — particularly for kids and seniors — of living in sprawlsville suburbs.

In sum, to live a full, rich, pleasant, safe, car-free, independent life, one needs to live in-town.

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