Traffic Engineers

By Dom Nozzi, AICP


Traffic Engineers I recommend (professionals who strive to make people happy, not cars)


Walter Kulash- Glatting, Jackson in Orlando FL. 407.843.6552

Ian Lockwood-Glatting, Jackson in Orlando FL. 407.843.6552

Dan Burden-Walkable Communities, Inc. in High Springs FL 386.454.3304 (Dan is a SUPERB speaker). I would strongly recommend inviting him to speak in your community, even if you don’t hire him as a consultant.

Rick Hall-Hall Engineering in Tallahassee FL. 850.222.2277

Peter Swift-Swift & Associates in Longmont CO. 303.772.7052

Rick Chellman-White Mountain Surveying in Ossipee NH 603.539.4118

GB Arrington-”TOD” expert. Parsons Brinckerhoff in Portland OR 503.274.2298.

Whit Blanton-Cities That Work in Orlando FL 407.893.8175

Patrick Siegman-Siegman & Associates in Palo Alto CA. 650.462.5915

Fred Dock-Barton-Ashman in Minneapolis MN. 612.332.0421

Reid Ewing-Center for Urban Transportation Research in Tampa FL 305.355.5255

Michael Wallwork-Alternate Street Design in Orange Park FL. 904.269.1851

Margaret Kubilins-Charlotte NC 980.321.0202

Bob Murphy-RPM and Associates in Brentwood TN 615.370.8410

Danny Pleasant-Charlotte NC

Michael Ronkin 541.914.1401

Stu Sirota- Parsons Brinckerhoff in Baltimore MD 410.752.9627

Wade Walker- Glatting, Jackson in Orlando FL. 407.843.6552

Alan Baxter Associates-London England Tel +44 20 7250 1555

James (Jim) Higgs-TTM Consulting Pty Ltd in East Melbourne Australia Tel +61 3 9419 0911

Todd Litman-Victoria [British Columbia] Transportation Policy Institute in Victoria BC Canada 250.360.1560

Chris Stapleton-Christopher Stapleton Consulting in Darlinghurst Australia Tel +61 2 9360 6210

One response to “Traffic Engineers

  1. Robn

    Traffic Engineers in Mobile Alabama – not recommended. Not a single bicycle lane has been built in the last 100 years for bicyclers to get in and out of the City of Mobile. Mobile is the terminus for one National Bicycle Route and the Pass Through for a second National Bicycle Route. The National Bicycle routes in Mobile County are not safe for bicycle use.

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